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Tree, Timber, Brush Clearing & Removal

Do you have an area of your yard or property that looks overgrown? Have an encroaching tree line that needs some maintenance? Landon’s Sitework can cover all of your land clearing needs!

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Before we start clearing any vegetation, we will meet with you to assess your needs and goals. This includes discussing the timeframe, targeted area, how much brush you want to remove or keep, and understanding a general idea of the scope of the project. We can perform selective, targeted thinning and removals or full clearings. Our goal is to ensure our process is in harmony with your needs before we get started.

Planning and Preparation

Once we have a solid understanding of the project, we will visit the site with you to walk through the area. We will clearly mark any areas or trees that we want to save, mark any underground or overhead utilities or obstacles to avoid, and plan our project approach.

Our Commitment to Quality

With the preparation and planning done, we will get to work on the project! We are committed to delivering the highest quality work possible, and guarantee your complete satisfaction with the project. Whether it’s clear cutting or selective removals, we can provide all your tree and brush clearing needs. We have the ability to prepare a multi-acre site in preparation for development, or individual lots for home building. If desired, projects can be left finished to any degree, and we offer hauling and removal of materials, onsite grinding, burning (if allowed), or just piling it onsite.

Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation and get your estimate!