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Pond Construction

Looking to add a farm pond to your property? Do you have an existing pond in need of maintenance or repairs? Landon’s Sitework has the experience and equipment you need for all your outdoor pond projects!

Onsite Meeting and Consultation

Whether it’s a new pond or a repair job, our first step is always to meet with you on your property to assess your needs. We will discuss with you what work you want done, if there are any special circumstances we need to consider, and take a walk around the pond to better understand the scope and layout. If this is a repair and not new pond construction, we will take even more time understanding your scope and situation, as we want to ensure our solution is in harmony with your goals and will not interfere with the pond or the surrounding area.

New Pond Construction

Whether it’s for recreation, fishing, aesthetics, livestock, a waterfowl habitat, or any other reason, a pond can be a great addition to any property. We will assess your goals, plan the perfect location, and work with you to construct your dream pond. We don’t stop with just construction, either; we plan ahead to help make maintenance as easy as possible and avoid any future problems that may need addressing.

Pond Repairs and Dredging

It does happen that a pond was built poorly or sustained damage, but fortunately, we assess and repair existing ponds in addition to our new construction projects! We start with identifying the current problems, and investigate the causes onsite. We then develop and present to you options to repair and improve future upkeep of the pond to ensure our goals are in harmony. We believe no two repairs are the same, and each offers distinct challenges and obstacles, however, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done.

Have a pond in need of repair, or want to add one to your property? Call us today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate!